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The main service of TCHING-BOBE COMPANY is Shipchandler. We make sure that all partners in the purchasing process are satisfied from the procurement departments to the individual seamen. And our product range is as follows :

Provision stores

Ship crew deserve good quality food. Our goal at TCHING-BOBE COMPANY is to always make available the highest quality food stuff in the highest quality environment for our serviced vessels. We offer wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions suitable for Indian, Chinese, Filipino, African, American, European, etc… cuisine. Our fruits and vegetables are straight from the market on daily basis.

Bonded Stores

Our bonded store include: all wines, spirits, beers, beverages, cigarettes, and a wide variety of imported and local beers. We also offer Cameroon souvenir items such as keyholders, t-shirt, traditional clothes, tradional shoes, local wood artworks, local songs and dances on CDs, etc…

Cabine stores

We offer a wide range of top quality cabin stores at very competitive prices. This includes: Towels & Linen, cleaning products, toiletries, galley items, clothing, etc... We supply electrical appliances with 220v as well as step up and step down transformer for your appliances

Deck and Engine store


We supply vessels with deck requirements, including: Protective gear, paints & brushes, cleaning products; general deck items like safety/nautical equipment, flags, stationary, medical stores, brushes and mats, cleaning materials. Deck & Engine Stores